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Ambitious Nikky Dream gives a sample blowjob

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Description: I was a little flustered as the doctor was out somewhere and he had patients waiting, when all of a sudden his 2pm appointment came through the door. I explained the situation and suggested I took over until the doctor came back. He agreed and began to tell me about his private problem. Pain in his dick when erect! This was something I had to investigate for myself, so I began doing some routine tests, when I accidentally knocked into his cock! This sent the patient to the ground clasping his cock in hand. I helped him to the bench where I undressed him and checked out his manhood. As I gently felt his fat long cock it started springing to life. He said there was a little bit of pain, but not too much. The more I massaged and rubbed his cock the more turned on I was becoming. This is when I suggested he felt my ass to see if that would help? It did. Within minutes I had straddled his cock on the bench and was sliding his thick shaft deeply into my hot wet pussy. He then proceeded to fuck me all around the doctors office, accumulating with him unloading his thick white spunk over my ass. I soon realised that we had solved his penis problem, and no further treatment was required. Another satisfied patient.