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Foxy Billie Rai is gently sucking her boyfriend's penis because she likes to keep him satisfied

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Duration: 5:00 Views: 4 933 Submitted: 2 years ago
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Description: Some people think that advertising is a complete waste of time. Well I don't, in fact I think it works just fine. I run an advert in the local rag newspaper and tons of fanny come rushing through my door. Worth every fucking penny if you ask me. Anyway, today's girl rings me up bang on time and boy is she cute. Bright red hair, petite, perky tits and an ass you'd flog your own dear mum to get into. Normally I have to lay on the dream nice and thick... But she goes and tells me that her boyfriend has sent her along to get into porn and she wants to do it as well. I rarely get things as delicious as this land on my plate so I take full advantage and get stuck in. For starters I get her to strip off, masturbate (with that tight little ass in the air) then a lengthy blowjob. Main course consisted of a few signature dishes, namely doggy POV, classic missionary and a few other sides. Her pussy was so tight it took all my might not to spill. For dessert I gave her my old favourite, cumshot surprise, I got her to put her glasses back on as I didn't want her to miss a thing, and began firing my cock snot all over her pretty little face. A masterpiece, enjoy.