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Description: Pete (39 mins). Pete was certainly one of the strangest people I have yet to have on my casting couch. The guy had no appetite for conversation, full sentences as far as he was concerned happened to other people who were talking to him. A very odd, quiet, fellow but he could fuck for his country if it was a sport in the Olympics. When he first sat down I purposefully had a very sexy video playing on the TV in the office and he could not take his eyes off the images being displayed there. I was sure he was getting turned on so I thought I'd leave him alone for a while to see what he would do. I came back in a few minutes later and the dirty man had his dick out and was wanking it watching the screen. He stuffed it away in shock when I burst into the room but it wasn't long before it was out again as I wanked him slowly with my feet. Although he had a strange attitude, his cock was ample and I wanted to feel it inside me. We moved to the couch and I was soon taking him deep into my mouth, swirling his head around my cheeks as he lay there silently. I decided to see if he could lick pussy with his tongue as he sure wasn't using it to say anything, so it wouldn't matter if he had a mouth full of labia. He was very good, lapping at my pussy and flicking his tongue over my sensitive clit. Now it was time for the fucking and to be fair he fucked me really good and really hard in several positions, making me orgasm twice. This guy had some stamina. I don't think I cared that he wasn't a conversationalist, so long as he kept fucking me the way he did. An amazing casting fuck session, with one of the strangest men I've ever met.