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Description: Walking along in the glorious sunshine I see this hot milf just walking along. I stopped her and told her about a modelling agency I run with a friend. She said she was on her way somewhere, a pool I think, but I convinced her I was who I said I was. She seemed very interested in doing some modelling, it sounded like it was something she always wanted to get in to! I told her I could do a casting right there and then, obviously in a slightly more suitable place! I offered her a small amount of 'teaser' cash just to get her thinking! All I needed was to see her in her underwear and take a little bit of video. Anyway, we found this place just off a footpath, hidden away from the general public but I'd still have to keep my eye out for the odd walker or two! She gets in to her underwear and I can feel my cock getting harder and harder! I film her, make sure I get every angle. She got dressed and then I thought I'd try my luck. I offer her a wad full of cash (much more than for casting!) and her eyes light up! Suddenly she's on her knee's sucking me off! She gave me a great blowjob! She gets up, bends over and peels down her leopard print panties and let's me fuck her from behind! Felt so freakin' good! I get on the ground and let her ride me for a bit, just so I get that perfect angle of my cock sliding in and out of her pussy! I get back up and do her from behind for a bit before I emptied my load all over her ass!