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Description: Rebel is dog walker for some of the people in her town. Shes good with small dogs but she struggles with bigger dogs. When she was walking Bruces dog, sunshine it got excited and ran off and she couldnt find the dog! Rebel went back to Bruces house where he was absolutely pissed. His dog was everything to him and now it was lost. This guy is a creep and now Rebel was his new ?sunshine?! He commanded her to sit, tied his belt around her neck and brought her in a cage where she obeyed his every command! Her reward? A treat - his massive cock! This little teen was cock obsessed - filling her mouth with his meat and playing with her pussy, just waiting for it to stretch her out! He absolutely destroyed her tight twat - fucking her real rough, manhandling her and making her cum multie times! Finally she went back in her cage and received the biggest treat of them all - a load of jizz!