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Description: So my friend Joe the Gringo and I came up with a plan to get some nice single ladies to come over to our new apartment; we put an ad in the paper for a really nice cheap apartment. We got a good number of calls and some girls came over and we got shot down a couple times but we also got to lay the dick down so we made sure the next time we got in on camera. Karen called us and told us she wanted to check out the place so we picked her up and brother her over. She was such an adorable little hottie. We walked upstairs and I got lost staring at her tight little ass. She really liked the apartment and we really liked her ass so we got her to take off the clothes and work it a bit and maybe we would give her the room in the apartment… probably not but it got her naked so we stuck with the story. Karen worked hard for that room and sucked and fucked Joe the Gringo! She really worked that pussy until he pulled out and popped a load on her nice baby face! I really hope she finds a place to stay.