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Description: My cousin Mikey; who is in some great shape I must say, took me to a park around his new house which he tells me the ladies of the hot persuasion frequent. We get out of the car and begin looking for a beautiful, young vixen to show up and blow our minds. But we got nothing. So Mikey goes for a quick jog and I relax and enjoy the fresh air but when he's on his way back he notices a hot girlie stretching on the side before she's goes for a jog also. I could watch this girl stretch all day. She was very flexible and bending her curvy ass over while I was stuck drooling on myself on the side. And as I told Mikey she was going to get up and run away and we would never see her again but we saw that she fell and it seemed like she hurt herself a bit. Mikey knew he needed to pounce on this injured gazelle and ran over to her before anyone else could help. When I get over there my amazing cousin was talking to her and let her know that he was a Doctor… Orthopedic surgeon to be exact. What a cocky fuck huh? He tells her he needs to get her back home to help her more and carries her away. Back at Mikey's new house these two wasted little time getting to knew each other better. When I checked them out in the yard she was rubbing his dong and he was fingering her. She was just thanking him a guess because this sexy Cuban hottie was just getting started. She gave him the VIP deepthroat treatment. I need to get some of that. She liked to get fucked hard and fast and Mikey loved to give it her. She was giving a dick riding clinic. And without even telling her to she started fisting herself. Yeah we don't know how that happened either but we couldn't stop watching. After the venom was released on her pretty face Mikey told Nikki she needed to run her injured ass back to the park because he wasn't taking her back!