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Description: Mikey Butders as a little kid. Try to picture it. Ok, well we have some pictures and they aren’t pretty! This kid looks like a young Eddie Munster. Werewolf all the way. Well I wake his lazy ass up and tell him to check his phone because its been going off all morning and what does he have waiting… a call from Rebecca telling him that she’s out of town and her friend Isabella is house sitting for her. She said that she would be all alone and she told her about me. We gave her a call and she seemed cool so we decided to head over and see what this chick was like. When we got there we saw that Rebecca hooked us up. This girls is gorgeous. Nice 19 year old sweet heart that wanted to meet the famous Mikey Butders. Apparently Rebecca let her know the deal so we didn’t have to do any work really. She was down from the jump so we got her naked and decided to give her a lesson in porn star etiquette. This girl was really open to anything we said. We oiled her up and had her massage herself. She was so fucking wet and Mikey had enough and walked her to the house to get down to business. She was getting split and hit in no time. Isabella was loving it. You could see it in her face. Enjoying the attention and enjoying the pounding her pussy was taking. I think she’s going to be a great porn star.