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Description: I gave the Stiffmeister a call and told him to meet me at the gym all ready to go with the personal trainer bit we've been working on and when I get their I see his dumb ass in jeans. What kind of fucking trainer wears jeans to the gym? But whatever I sure we can just make something up so the girls don't ask any questions. We go on the prowl and spot a cute teen working out in the corner. So we approach her and we find out her names name's Trinity. She was smoking hot and had an adorable little innocence to her that we wanted to corrupt. We wanted to see more of her body so we had her twist and turn during various workouts and told her about the free personal sessions we have back at home. She was eager to start so we went back to my place and we got down to business. We had her to do some more small exercises and soon there after her we talked the panties off of her and Stiffy gave her sweet snatch a ngue lashing. It's quite a workout!!! We flipped her over for a new workout called The Wang Mouthifier. It seems like she's done this one before. Trinity is a really hard worker and so we should have her in shape in no time.