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Sugary beauty Nikki Stone readily rides a meat bazooka

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Duration: 7:00 Views: 5 983 Submitted: 2 years ago
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Description: I was going to the park to get a little pick up game with some friends and no one showed up. Fucking sucks. But there’s a silver lining because we checked out this hot ass girl stretching before going for a run. She didn’t make it very far and before she went 200 feet she twisted her ankle. Perfect time to strike! We worked our way over to her and saw she had a big juicy booty. We talked to her a bit and made sure she was ok. She warmed up to us and said she’d come back to my place to ice her leg and maybe a little massage. Her name was Nikki and she stripped down and unleashed that ass on us. Juicy as fuck, made my mouth water. We oiled her up and slowly started to feel her up. She was moaning and biting her lip. She wanted to fuck and made it known when she begged for some cock. She climbed on top and started rocking the bed bank and shaking it like a salt shaker! Oh man. What a fucking amazing ass!